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TN Families Now Being Asked to Quarantine for Almost a Month

In August, the state of Tennessee issued clarity around how long families need to quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19

If you think that wearing a mask and having to work from home is unpleasant, you will not like the recommendation that families who are exposed to and contract the coronavirus need to quarantine for nearly a month — 24 days — according to the state of Tennessee Dept of Health. The latest release from October 2020 is here: Here is what you should know about the regulations and how might they apply to you.

When do Families Need to Quarantine?

The current recommendation is that e_veryone_, families and individuals, who have tested positive for coronavirus should engage in a 10-day minimum period of isolation (from the date of the test). For those who have come in contact with an infected person, there is a recommended 14-day quarantine period. So when families who live together are unable to completely avoid contact with someone in the home who has tested positive for the coronavirus, the household’s 14-day quarantine period will not start until after the coronavirus-positive person has completed their minimum 10-day isolation period. As such, families in which one or more people within the home have tested positive for the virus should plan to spend a minimum of 24 days in total at home, without making any contact with anyone outside of the household.

According to Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercy, “But hear me clearly, that doesn’t apply to everyone if you can properly isolate yourself from that household contact [who has tested positive for coronavirus]. In instances where you can [isolate yourself], then your 14 days starts the day of last contact.”

Why the Quarantine Period?

Officials say this recommendation has been in place since March 2020. The recommendation gained public scrutiny in August 2020, at a time when Tennessee COVID cases were elevated. Today, the rate of infection and death is even more elevated, drawing concern. The recommendation is designed to keep communities safe by minimizing contact between those who have the virus — or who could possibly be infected with the virus — and others, particularly the most vulnerable in the community. While the measure has been criticized as overkill that could devastate families financially, the state has been challenged in finding a better solution.

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