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Probate Litigation

Brentwood Probate Litigation Attorney

You never know when an estate dispute may arise.

In some cases, the issue may be an alleged breach of duty by an executor, trustee or other fiduciary. In others, there may be disagreements about the valuation of assets or the terms of a will or trust. If you find yourself involved in a dispute like this, it is important to get the legal counsel you need to protect your interests.

I am Judy A. Oxford, an attorney in middle Tennessee with many years of experience handling probate and estate litigation effectively. To arrange a complimentary consultation about your specific case, simply give me a call. Based in Brentwood, I serve clients throughout the Nashville and middle Tennessee area.

What Is The Cause Of Dispute You Are In?

The administration of an estate involves many different situations can result in potential litigation. I can help you respond to situations that include:

Resolving probate and estate issues such as these requires a strong knowledge of the court system, including the role of the Probate Court in Tennessee. My experience as a lawyer in family law and probate matters has enabled me to develop this knowledge. I have a proven ability to use it effectively on behalf of my clients.

Taking Steps To Get What You Have Coming To You

I encourage you to take the necessary steps today to get the legal counsel you need. To arrange a confidential consultation with me, call 615-791-8511. Or, if you prefer, complete my online form.

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