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Breach of Contract

Franklin Contracts Attorney Fights to Protect Your Interests after Breach

Get the compensation you deserve for damages suffered from breach of contract

Contracts are meant to ensure that two parties do what they say they are going to do – provide a certain service after receiving payment, maintaining confidentiality, or providing certain monetary support in a partnership, for example. Putting expectations and obligations in writing often holds the two parties to their word. But sometimes, even a legal contract is not enough to get a person or business to do what they should.

If a person or business breaches a contract with you, there is legal recourse. I’m Judy A. Oxford Attorney at Law, an experienced Franklin contracts attorney, and I fight to get clients the settlement they deserve for the damages they suffer from breach of contract. Tennessee contracts law is complex, but I have the experience and expertise to get my clients results.

What kind of damages are available for breach of contract?

Primarily, there are two types of damages the court awards for breach of contract in Tennessee: Expectation damages and reliance damages.

Expectation damages are awarded to put the injured party in the same position if the contract had been executed as intended. For example, if a person entered into a contract to sell an item for a certain amount of money, but the buyer backed out unjustifiably, expectation damages would award the amount the seller was expected to get.

Reliance damages are provided to those who acted in reliance on the party who breached the contract. For example, if a contractor paid money to remove cabinets for a kitchen remodel but the homeowner backed out of the project unjustifiably, reliance damages could be awarded for the amount spent on the removal. Reliance damages could also be awarded for any materials or tools bought for the project.

In most cases, expectation damages are awarded in breach of contract cases. Reliance damages are typically the fallback plan, but they can also be awarded in addition to expectation damages, depending on the circumstances. I fight to get my clients the maximum damages the court allows for breach of contract, and I create a strong cases to show how my clients suffered both expectation and reliance damages.

Proving breach of contract and damages suffered

Proving breach of contract requires first establishing what the contract was and what it entailed. Did you have a written contract or a verbal contract? It is always preferable to have a written contract, because breach is easier to prove. But there are some circumstances where a verbal contract will suffice (though proving what it entails can be much more difficult). Proving breach of contract then requires making an argument for what the contract entailed and for how the behaviors of the offending party failed to live up to those expectations.

Simply having a contract is not enough as the language can be interpreted quite differently. When representing my clients, I go over the contracts word by word to find all possible evidence of the expectations for the parties so I can show how the contract was breached. I study the details of the case carefully and work with clients and investigators to find evidence and testimony proving the extent of the damages from the breach of contract. My goal is to build a strong case for the maximum damages.

Breach of contract can result in significant financial losses. Call my office today at (615) 791-8511 to schedule a consultation to learn more about your legal options. You can also use my secure online form to request more information or a consultation. I provide realistic feedback about your case so you know what to expect.

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