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Protecting your rights in corporate, family law, and criminal matters

I began the law office of Judy A. Oxford, attorney at law, in 1996 with one goal: To provide my clients with the best legal representation in my power by using my breadth of experience and legal knowledge to help them protect their rights and get the outcome they desire, whether that meant minimizing corporate liability, avoiding criminal charges, or gaining primary custody of children in a divorce case, among others. I bring the same dedication and professionalism to every case I represent, no matter what legal issue it involves or how big or small the stakes.

My legal approach involves an exhaustive analysis of all the details in the case to find the right strategy to get the results you want. I evaluate the case with a broad view and then narrow in on the evidence, and the causes and effects in the case to construct the strongest legal argument on your behalf. Whether you are dealing with a business matter, are facing criminal charges, or are going through a divorce or other family matter, I am ready to help you.

Types of cases I represent in Tennessee

I represent clients in a number of cases, but the three primary focuses of my legal practice are business law, criminal defense, and family law. Here are some of the types of cases that I represent in business law:

Some of the types of cases I represent in criminal defense matters include:

Some of the matters I represent in family law cases include:

I have extensive experience representing clients in all of these types of cases, and I expertly analyze the details in the case to create a strong defense for my clients. Whether you are trying to beat misdemeanor shoplifting charges or you are involving in a high stakes business lawsuit, I put the same effort into defending your interests and I provide the same compassionate representation.

With some law firms, clients feel like they are just a number or that they are only there to pad the firm’s bottom line. In my practice, I treat all of my clients as individuals. I provide compassionate representation with the client in mind, rather than focusing on the abstract legal principles. I treat my clients like partners in the case, and I try hard to make sure they understand all the issues that are at stake and where we are at every step of the process.

I understand how difficult navigating these legal issues can be for clients, and I work hard to make it a little bit easier. I also fight to get the results you need to protect your future and your quality of life.

Work with an experienced Brentwood family and business lawyer to get results

If you are dealing with a business, criminal or family legal matter, contact me, Judy A. Oxford Attorney at Law, an experienced Brentwood lawyer, to learn more about your rights and how I can help you. Call (615) 791-8511 or use my secure online form to schedule a free consultation. I’m ready to start fighting for you!

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