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Shoplifting and other misdemeanor charges shouldn’t have to follow you forever

Shoplifting is a minor offense, but it is still a crime. If you are caught shoplifting, you are likely already embarrassed and a bit scared of what will happen next. Whether it was your first time shoplifting or your first time getting caught, you are now looking at the possibility of criminal charges that will stay on your record, and you are scared of how your future will be affected.

I’m Judy A. Oxford, an experienced Franklin criminal defense lawyer, and I fight to help you keep shoplifting, theft, and other misdemeanors off your criminal record. If it’s not possible to have the criminal charges dismissed, I work to have the charges reduced or the penalties minimized. I explore every legal option to get the best possible outcome.

What are the penalties for shoplifting in Tennessee?

The penalties for shoplifting in Tennessee are not severe, but they are not what anyone would find pleasant, either. If you are convicted of the theft of items valued at $1,000 or less, you can be ordered to pay up to $2,500 in fines or to spend up to a year in jail. If you are convicted of taking an item (or items) valued over $1,000, you are looking at a felony and more serious penalties.

Most shoplifting charges result in a Class A Misdemeanor. If it is your first shoplifting or theft conviction, the chances are better that you could qualify for diversion, where you would be on probation for a time, and if you satisfactorily complete probation, then the charges can be dismissed.

I will use every detail in the case to make the best argument to have your charges dismissed or reduced, including the value of the item, the circumstances of the theft, and your prior criminal record, or work toward a good plea agreement that includes community service or other ameliorative measures.

How misdemeanor theft charges can affect you in the future

You might think that a misdemeanor charge is not a big deal, so you may not think that you need an attorney to help you. Even if you are convicted, you may not believe that you’ll get the full jail term, and you may not be concerned about the fine. The truth is that even a misdemeanor conviction can haunt you for a long time to come.

Just one misdemeanor conviction begins your criminal record. If you are ever arrested in the future, it will be harder to fight those charges because you will now have a record of criminal activity. Judges will look at that previous conviction as an indication that committing these actions are part of your character. You will be less likely to be given a good plea agreement, and the penalties will be harsher. You can be charged with a felony under certain circumstances because you have a previous conviction, and you can be given a larger fine and more jail time.

Any type of criminal conviction can also make it harder for you to find work or to participate in other activities. If you have a shoplifting or theft charge, you will find it especially hard to get work or volunteer in any position that requires handling money.

I’m a dedicated Franklin shoplifting lawyer who does everything reasonably possible to try to keep that misdemeanor conviction from winding up on your criminal record. I understand how even a minor conviction can haunt you, and I explore every legal option to protect your future.

Hire an experienced Franklin criminal lawyer if you have been arrested for shoplifting or other misdemeanor

Any kind of criminal charge can cause major problems for you, even if it is a misdemeanor like shoplifting. You need to work with me, Judy A. Oxford, a dedicated Franklin criminal defense lawyer who understands the serious potential of these charges. Call my office today at (615) 791-8511 to talk about your legal options, or use the secure online form to schedule a free consultation.

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