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Child Custody Visitation

Child Custody Visitation & Parenting Time Lawyer

In Tennessee, divorcing parents are required to develop a parenting plan that establishes a primary residence for their children, a schedule for parenting time for the noncustodial parent, and an amount of child support that one parent will pay to the other.

If you can’t come to an agreement, the court will make those decisions for you. In my experience, I can tell you this usually produces an outcome neither parent is happy with, that often causes unnecessary psychological and emotional harm to the children as well.

My name is Judy Oxford and as an attorney, I urge my divorce clients to consider those facts and to stay focused on the larger goal of doing what’s best for their children, a goal that includes allowing the children to have a meaningful relationship with each parent. To meet with me about your situation and concerns, call my offices directly or contact me online.

Since 2005, Tennessee has required parents to attend mediation before a trial date can be set to resolve a child custody dispute. As a lawyer with nearly 20 years of experience in Tennessee family courts, I can help you take advantage of the opportunity mediation provides and avoid the financial, emotional, and psychological damage a trial can inflict.

There Is No Clear Line Used To Resolve The Issue Of Child Custody

Instead, Tennessee family court judges are allowed to consider a number of factors, including the nature of the relationship that each child has with each parent and the likelihood of each parent to cooperate and encourage the child’s relationship with the other parent, allegations of abuse, or history of domestic violence.

In most cases, a custody arrangement will be ordered by the court with one parent being given primary physical custody of the children (i.e., providing the primary residence), both parents having scheduled parenting time, and one or both parents having decision-making power regarding education, religious training, health care, and other major issues. The goal is to arrive at a custody arrangement that is in the best interests of the child.

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