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Making the decision to permanently part ways from a spouse is never an easy thing. For some couples, following through to divorce is straightforward: The couple soon agrees about how property should be divided, whether or not spousal support will be part of the divorce settlement, where children should live, and the other issues. But for other couples, following through to divorce is difficult. Being able to come to agreement may be a winding road, and many of them may have a complex divorce. I am Judy Oxford, and I provide comprehensive, personalized legal representation for individuals who are in the middle of a complex divorce. For the help and guidance you need, call me today to schedule your first consultation.

What Makes a Divorce Complex?

There are a number of different factors that can result in a divorce being labeled as a complex divorce. Common types of complex divorces include these:

Call me, Judy Oxford, Attorney at Law, for Representation During a Complex Divorce

I am Judy Oxford, Attorney at Law, and I am ready to advocate for you as you navigate the complicated legal process of a complex divorce case. With years of experience and a strong commitment to my clients, I will work to try to make the best case to protect your best interests. To learn more about me and my experience and how I can represent you during yourcomplex divorce, please reach out by phone or online for a consultation.

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