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A conviction on drug charges can have serious consequences that may continue to affect your life for many years or even decades to come, long after any court-imposed sentences have been served. The good news is that the state can only convict you if they can prove you are guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, of the charges against you.

No matter what you’ve been charged with, or what the police or prosecutors have told you — the best advice anyone can give you right now is to keep quiet and exercise your constitutional right to speak with a lawyer.

My name is Judy Oxford and I have been an attorney for more than 29 years now. If you hire my law firm to defend you in a drug case, I will be the attorney who works with you and who personally represents you every step of the way. That’s important. In fact, that level of personal commitment to your representation can make a tremendous difference. I encourage you to call or contact me today for a free initial consultation.

If you have been charged with drug possession for drugs that were found near you, but not actually in your physical possession — don’t assume the state has a weak case. Take the matter seriously and take action to protect your own rights.

In my practice as a criminal defense lawyer, I handle drug cases throughout middle Tennessee for clients charged with all types of drug-related crimes, including:

As your attorney, I will make the state meet its burden proof by aggressively challenging the evidence against you at every opportunity. If the charges arose out of a traffic stop, it may be possible to defend you by arguing that the officers did not have probable cause or that they conducted an illegal search and seizure. Those same two issues, along with entrapment, the use of untrustworthy confidential informants, and violations of your constitutional rights, can be used to effectively defend you in many other types of drug cases as well.

Talk to me before you talk to the police or prosecutors. Call my offices in Brentwood, Tennessee (located near the intersection of Murfreesboro Road and Mack Hatcher Parkway), or contact me online at any time, day or night, for a initial consultation. If I am not available to talk with you immediately, I will return your call or e-mail as soon as I can.

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