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Your marriage may be over, but your parenting duties are not. When you have children, a divorce is much more complicated. You need to determine who will be primarily responsible for caring for the children, how you will handle making decisions for the children going forward, and how you will provide for your children financially.

Tennessee law provides specific guidelines for how child support should be determined, ensuring that children have what they need, even if they no longer live in a two-income household. However, working with a skilled Brentwood child support attorney can help you make a stronger case for more support, ensuring you are able to maintain the same lifestyle for your children as they had before your divorce.

I am Judy A. Oxford, and I am an experienced Brentwood, Tennessee child support lawyer. I have helped hundreds of people get the child support agreements they need. Divorce is hard enough on children — it doesn’t have to be harder due to divorce-related financial struggles.

How much child support will I get?

One of the first questions that most clients ask me is “How much child support will I get?” The answer is: It depends.

The Tennessee Child Support Guidelines lays out the rules for determining child support to be paid to the Primary Residential Parent, or the parent with whom the children spend most of their time. Even if your former spouse has the children 40 percent of the time, you are still entitled to child support. The child support worksheet must be completed in order to determine the amount of support.

The guidelines look at the following factors when determining the amount of child support:

Therefore, if your former spouse pays for health insurance, the child support amount would be lowered by your share of that amount. Or if you pay for education, you could get more support.

I work with clients to discover all sources of income and determine all your child’s needs to make the best case for support.

Fighting for unpaid child support

Even after a court issues an order for child support, a parent may not pay. The person may make excuses for lack of payment, such as not having the money available, or the person may just refuse to pay or try to leave town to avoid the obligation.

Your former partner may have been paying child support and suddenly stopped or may have never paid support at all.

I have helped parents like you get the support they are owed for many years. Some possible outcomes in such cases include:

With the right legal representation, you can get all the child support you are owed, plus interest. With more than 29 years experience, you can rely on me to track down your former partner, investigate to uncover assets, and begin the right legal processes to recover what you are owed.

I can also help you modify a child support order if you feel that your former partner has more income or assets, or if your children have increased needs for support, such as new medical conditions or educational needs.

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