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My Ex-Spouse Has Stopped Paying Child Support

If you are the primary-residential parent in Tennessee, you are usually owed child support payments from the non-residential parent. These child support payments should be ordered by a court and are not voluntary or flexible. This means that once the court order is in place, if the non-residential parent has stopped making child support payments or has failed to start making them in the first place, the parent is violating the court order and usually can be held responsible for such. If your ex-spouse has stopped paying child support, you may feel helpless, but you do have legal options available to you. Follow these steps to help you get the payment to which you are entitled.

Contact Judy A. Oxford, Attorney at Law in Tennessee

If your ex-spouse has stopped paying child support in Tennessee, you have the right to hire a lawyer who is a dedicated advocate on your side and who will fight to try to make sure that your children get the money that they are entitled to. Contact Judy A. Oxford, Attorney at Law, today, to schedule a one-on-one consultation for your case in middle Tennessee.