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Music producer Tony Brown charged with domestic violence

Domestic violence can have many causes, from a minor disagreement to spousal infidelity. In a recent case in Nashville, an argument over poses for a photo shoot recently erupted into domestic violence in the home of country music producer Tony Brown, one of the most prolific record producers in the 1990s.

Brown and a female member of his household (her identity and relationship to Brown were not disclosed by police) were discussing poses for a photo shoot that was to take place the next day. The woman was showing Brown photographs and sketches that illustrated her ideas for poses that could be used in the session. Brown apparently felt the photos were too revealing, and he became angry at the woman, calling the poses “slutty.”

Brown then slapped the woman and pushed her to the floor. Brown sat on top of the woman and began pulling her hair. The woman managed to break free and to run to another part of the house. She used her cell phone to call her parents, who told her to call the police. When the police arrived, the woman was locked in her car, and Brown was sitting on the front porch. The woman was found to have several marks on her body and signs of extreme pulling of her hair. Brown was arrested and placed on a 12-hour domestic violence hold. He was released after posting a $10,000 bond. According to archives kept by the newspaper The Tennessean, Brown was arrested in October 2013 and charged with abusing the same woman.

This case demonstrates two unsettling features of domestic violence: a small dispute can rapidly become violent, and the rage that triggers an act of violence can cause subsequent incidents involving the same persons. Anyone who has been or may become the victim of domestic violence may wish to consult a family law attorney for advice on various remedies, such as a protective order or other types of judicial limits on abusive behavior.