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TN Law Clarifies Rights Parents Have When Sharing Custody

Experienced Franklin child custody attorney explains the highlights of the law and how they may affect you

How you will split custody of your children is one of your primary concerns when negotiating your divorce or separation. When deciding on child custody agreements, the court will be concerned with what is in the best interest of the child. Those considerations will guide the court’s decision on where the children should live, how parents share time, what child support should be paid and so on.

Though children are of chief concern in these arrangements, you also have legal rights as a parent that are designed to protect your relationship with your children, even if you are not the primary caregiver.

Recent changes to TN law established a parental bill of rights, so to speak, regarding contact when children are with the other parent. Some of these rights include:

If your co-parent is not honoring these rights, you may have cause to challenge the custody order or to take other legal action. I have been helping parents in Franklin, Tennessee and the surrounding areas protect their rights in divorce and custody cases for over 30 years, even before these rights were codified so clearly in the law. I am dedicated to helping you get the custody arrangement you want and to protect your relationship with your children.

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