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Uncovering Hidden Assets in a High Net-Worth Divorce can be Tricky

An experienced Franklin divorce lawyer explains what’s involved

To achieve fair and equitable division of property and other assets during your Tennessee divorce, you must first know exactly how much you and your spouse have together. This can include real estate such as your marital home or rental properties, vehicles, retirement and savings accounts, fine jewelry, businesses, and investments.

But if your spouse is hiding assets, getting an equitable divorce settlement will not be possible. The courts can only make a decision on the assets they know about, so if your spouse has lied about assets, has hidden them or has stolen them, the court will not be able to award you your fair share of them.

Hidden assets are usually only an issue in high net-worth divorce cases since the stakes are much higher and there is more incentive for one or both of the parties to lie about what they have. Couples who have a high net worth also have the means to hide the assets, such as being able to purchase property with cash to hide the paper trail, to hire accountants or lawyers to learn about loopholes for sending assets offshore or using other means to hide them, or to pay off someone to commit criminal acts, such as embezzling.

I’m Judy A. Oxford, Attorney at Law, and I work with people who are getting a divorce and suspect their spouses of hiding or lying about assets in high net-worth cases. I start by getting a thorough accounting of your financial situation, including all of your known assets, to get a complete picture of where things are as you see them. Then I can work with forensic experts to uncover any financial assets that may belong to your spouse or may even be in your name, including real estate, investments, and bank accounts. Depending on the case, I may also hire private investigators to interview people and to uncover evidence of other assets.

Your spouse may believe that he or she was clever at hiding the assets, but high-dollar holdings can have a way of being found. I work diligently to try to uncover all assets to which you might be entitled so that I can make a strong case on your behalf. I am dedicated to getting you the best divorce settlement that I can, which may include a larger share of your assets, alimony support, and child support.

In some cases, you may also have legal recourse against your spouse for hiding the assets. That may mean jail time or fines for your spouse, or it may mean a bigger share of the assets for you.

If you suspect your spouse of hiding assets from you, I urge you to call me, Franklin divorce attorney Judy A. Oxford, at (615) 791-8511 or use the secure online form to schedule a free consultation. I help you uncover assets and protect your financial future. Call me today to learn more about your legal options.