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Handling high asset divorces in Williamson County

If a divorcing couple cannot decide between themselves on how to divide their assets, Tennessee law requires that those assets be divided “fairly,” that is, in a manner that the judge finds best serves the post-divorce interests of each parent. If the couple has minor children, the best interests of these children must also be taken into account. If a couple has accumulated significant assets during the marriage, or if each party had a high net worth prior to their marriage, the division of property can be especially challenging.

The complexity of the assets owned by a wealthy couple can make a fair division very difficult. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney will understand how to untangle the web of ownership that may use corporations, limited liability partnerships, offshore accounts, trust funds and the many other ways that property can be held by U. S. citizens. If money has been invested for a long time in a successful enterprise, the determination of value for the enterprise can require the use of accountants and property appraisers.

Another complicating feature of high asset divorces may be the tax consequences of allocating certain kinds of assets. Some kinds of asset transfers can be taxable immediately after the assets are conveyed to one spouse or the other. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to recognize such transactions and be able to suggest methods of dividing property that will postpone or reduce unfavorable tax consequences.

In Williamson County, attorney Judy Oxford brings nearly twenty years of experience to the process of dividing assets. Her first goal is to help her clients achieve their goals in the division of marital property. She can utilize various forms of business organization to protect the value of assets from the demands of the other spouse, and she knows how to use the expertise of accountants and property appraisers to maximum advantage. She can also adapt any division plan to take into account the interests of any minor children. In short, Judy Oxford offers both necessary and high quality assistance to divorcing spouses in middle Tennessee.