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Defending Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims Requires Expert Guidance

The laws are complex, and an experienced Franklin business lawyer is needed

Anyone who works in a position in which a client works with them under special trust or confidence is considered a fiduciary. Doctors can be fiduciaries because they must keep their patients’ confidence and because patients rely on them for their expertise and guidance. Lawyers can be fiduciaries for the same reason. People in many corporate roles and even the businesses themselves can be fiduciaries, as well, especially if investments are involved.

You can be accused of breach of fiduciary duty if you act in any way that can be interpreted as not in the client’s best interest (or patient’s best interest). You can also be accused of breach of fiduciary duty if you are said to have acted in your own interest, without regard to the client. Businesses are often accused of breach of fiduciary duty when they file for bankruptcy and their customers are adversely affected financially. Financial counselors and investment managers can be accused of breach of fiduciary duty when they are said to have made investment recommendations because they get a high commission, not because the investment could have good returns for the client.

What makes these cases so hard to litigate and to defend is that they are highly subjective. Is a company declaring bankruptcy truly a breach of fiduciary duty, or is it the only option the company had in the face of total corporate destruction?

You must work with an experienced business lawyer if you are accused of breach of fiduciary duty so that you can build a strong case to protect your interests. I’m Judy A. Oxford, an experienced Franklin business lawyer, helping clients defend against charges of breach of fiduciary duty. I have much experience and expertise in litigating cases and work to build a strong case to try to protect my clients.

To build a strong case, I can call on numerous experts to examine the details and to find points of law or business that will show that you were acting properly based on the circumstances. I will also look for legal precedents to show that others have acted accordingly in a similar situation, showing that you did what any reasonable fiduciary would have done in the same circumstances.

I may call witnesses to attest to the circumstances of the situation, such as sharing the details of conversations that were overheard between you and clients, or testifying to behavior that may reveal your motivations, among other things.

My goal is to explore every legal option for defending your actions and minimizing the liability you face. I fight to keep your business reputation intact and to minimize any financial losses you face. Call my office today at (615) 791-8511 if you have been accused of breach of fiduciary duty. You can also use the secure online form to schedule a free consultation. I will help you understand your legal options and give you a realistic understanding of what’s on the line.