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Avoiding These Key Mistakes Means an Easier Divorce

Most people aren’t experienced at divorce. Even if you have been divorced before, the process is so emotionally-charged and at times, frustrating. As an experienced Franklin divorce lawyer, I have helped hundreds of individuals weather the storm of divorce. With my experience and legal savvy, I help clients learn what mistakes to avoid right from the start, making the process as smooth and pain-free as possible. Here are some mistakes that I do NOT want a client to make:

1. Be Dishonest with Yourself

You may feel that you are ready to move on because you’ve made the decision to divorce, but most people do not accept the reality of their new situation until much later. Most people delude themselves about what they’re up against. They might demand too much or demand too little. They are too easily swayed by emotion. You must try to be honest with yourself when getting divorced. Working with a good Franklin divorce lawyer helps. I help my clients understand what they are up against and counsel them through hard truths, such as what they really need financially and what the courts are likely to grant them.

2. Be Ignorant of the Facts

You may think you know all of your assets and your debts because you were married, but clients may be shocked to learn about money their spouses hid or secret debts they had. Some people don’t have any knowledge about their marital finances at all since their spouse took care of it all for them. I help my clients put together a complete picture of their marital finances, sometimes with the help of a forensic financial specialist. Then we can create an appropriate strategy for getting a quality settlement.

3. Fail to Disclose All the Information

Maybe you’re embarrassed that you had an affair and you just hope no one will find out. Or maybe you don’t want to let others know that your spouse had a drug problem and you knew about it for years. While some facts may be embarrassing or uncomfortable, it is essential to disclose them all to your attorney. For example, your affair might influence the type of settlement you can get. I can only help my clients get the best outcome for their divorce if I know all the circumstances.

4. Listening to the Wrong People

Even if your best friend has been divorced, that doesn’t make him an expert on divorce law. And even if your mother thinks you should get the house and alimony, that doesn’t mean she’s right. You should have these people in your corner for support, but you should only listen to your attorney when it comes to legal matters. Your attorney is the expert. Rely on the expertise to protect your interests.

5. Using the Web for Information

Likewise, you shouldn’t think that all the information you get from online is correct. Even if the website is purportedly written by an attorney, you just can’t trust what you find there. Information and authorship can easily be fabricated. But even if the information is technically correct, that doesn’t mean that it applies to your situation. Every divorce is different. Only your attorney can let you know what to expect in your case.

Your attorney is the legal expert on divorce and your personal advocate. I’m Judy A. Oxford, an experienced Franklin divorce lawyer who is on your side. Let me help you get the right settlement to help you start your new life. Call me today at (615) 791-8511 or use the secure online form on my site to schedule a free consultation.