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Mother threatened by child’s father after buying necessities

Domestic violence has many causes, but buying groceries and other necessities for a couple’s child would seem to be far down the list. Unfortunately, a recent case in Nashville shows that even this mundane act can lead to domestic violence.

According to allegations in the victim’s statement to police, her child’s father kicked open the door to her apartment and demanded that she repay him after she spent his money on necessities for their child. When she refused and ran from the apartment, the man chased her and threatened her with both physical abuse and with a gun. After catching the woman, the man allegedly grabbed her by the neck and pulled her into the apartment.

Police issued a warrant for the man’s arrest, and the next day, they arrested him in the woman’s apartment when they responded to her domestic violence call. Police found a small amount of marijuana on the man at the time of the arrest. He has been charged with domestic assault, harassment, and aggravated burglary. The police did not provide any comment or explanation of possible injuries suffered by the victim.

The victim in this case apparently escaped without suffering a serious injury, but other victims are not so fortunate. Any woman (most victims are women) who finds herself in an abusive relationship has a number of options. Among the most effective is a consultation with a lawyer who specializes in family law and domestic violence cases. A consultation with an experienced attorney can provide advice on various methods that can keep the abuser at bay and prevent future attacks. Such methods include court orders limiting or defining circumstances under which meetings between the victim and the abuser can occur or preventing such contact altogether.