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Choosing the right attorney for you does not have to be stressful. The right attorney for your needs is dependable, results-oriented, compassionate and experienced. Focused on achieving your best possible result efficiently, your attorney should be committed to serving your best interests and those of your family.

Coming to a decision can be difficult, and there are many lawyers to choose from throughout middle Tennessee. Even if I am not the best attorney to resolve your particular situation, I can help you ensure that you have access to an attorney who meets your specific needs and goals.

At the law office of Judy A. Oxford, Attorney at Law, I focus on your best interests. If my Franklin law office cannot serve your needs precisely, I will recommend an attorney who I believe can, looking for the following traits:

  • Experience that fits your case needs: The attorney you choose should be knowledgeable in the area of law your issue involves and should have handled several cases similar to yours before. He or she should be familiar with the courts in your county and has the ability to take your case to whatever court is necessary for your success.

  • Efficiency and effectiveness with time: Your lawyer should be responsive. Some attorneys handle so many cases that their time is at a premium. You may only see them at your initial consultation or in court. It is highly beneficial to work with a lawyer who answers your phone calls, responds to your e-mails and keeps you informed of case updates and status on a consistent basis.

  • Affordable services: Hourly rates impact your final cost more than any other factor. Attorneys usually charge retainers. Expenses can increase the costs of your case. During our free initial 20-minute consultation, you will gain an understanding of my fees and potential cost you might encounter throughout the course of your case.

  • Honesty and ethics: Checking with the Board of Professional Responsibility for Tennessee can help you find out whether an attorney admitted to practice in Tennessee has been disciplined as a result of an ethics complaint. Additionally, the state bar can inform you of the lawyer's date of licensure, license validity and other information.

  • Thorough preparation of cases: Your attorney should begin working on your case soon after you retain him or her. Taking quick action can be essential to getting ahead and preparing your case for success. Your attorney should have the legal knowledge to begin preparing your case, although the best case preparation will involve meticulous detail and full knowledge of all the facts in your case. Ensure that your attorney asks for all the details of your case and begins to work toward your best possible legal result right away.
  • Personable and accessible: Access to your attorney and working with a person you can relate to on a human level is essential. If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns, you should be able to access your attorney at reasonable times and know that he or she understands your perspective. Client care and bonding should be the priority for an attorney who works for your success.

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Contact my office directly to schedule an initial consultation at 615-791-8511 in the Franklin area. I also respond to e-mails that briefly describe your situation and concerns.