Franklin Felony DUI Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged as a multiple offender, you still have options in defense. Even felony DUI can be defended with the representation of an experienced lawyer who takes the time to become informed of all the facts of your case. As your attorney, I will pursue the best possible outcome available given your circumstances. If the evidence against you is overwhelmingly compelling toward a conviction, I will continue to vigorously defend your rights and work to mitigate the consequences you face.

I have nearly 20 years of experience as a Franklin felony DUI attorney, defending clients throughout middle Tennessee who face multiple DUI charges. I understand that anyone could be arrested for DUI under a variety of circumstances. You deserve strong-willed defense. In my practice, I defend a diverse group of clients, including:

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Passionate Defense, Dedicated To Protecting Your Rights

The penalties you are facing are severe, including significant jail time and high fines depending on the severity of the charges. You may have the option to enter a drug or alcohol treatment program. I will approach your case practically and help you determine what options are best for your case.

I will analyze the initial law enforcement stop, review any available video of the stop, review blood and/or breath tests, determine if tests were administered properly and examine the arrest and booking process to evaluate as to whether mistakes were made.

In Tennessee, a fourth DUI conviction is a felony DUI. Serious consequences, extreme fines and potential long-term incarceration could have catastrophic impacts on your life.

I will work aggressively on your behalf to mount a strong and well-prepared DUI defense with the aim of keeping your driving privileges, your vehicle and mitigating the consequences you face if the charges are not completely dismissed.

Murfreesboro Multiple DUI Convictions Attorney

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